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Post-lockdown mental health study

15 Feb 2022

Lockdown is easing at last, but perhaps you (or someone you know) is having problems adjusting – maybe even experiencing FOGO (Fear Of Going Out)?

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Survey for those with OCD on their perspective on Neurocircuitry-based procedures

25 Jan 2022

Dr. Nicole McLaughlin and Gabriela Rivera work at Butler Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. They are seeking to gain a better understanding of the knowledge of and attitudes toward neurocircuitry-based procedures in those with OCD.

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The effect of difficult interpersonal memories on emotional responses

17 Nov 2021

The Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training and Research is looking for volunteers aged 18 and over to participate in research that will take approximately 1 hour, it will involve a short telephone discussion, an experimental task via video and completion of questionnaires.

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MAC clinical Research study – A potential new treatment/drug for OCD (Troriluzole)

20 Oct 2021

MAC Clinical Research is running a clinical research trial at their sites at Cannock, Liverpool, Blackpool and Barnsley sites studying a potential new treatment for OCD.

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OCD & Exercise Study

1 Aug 2021

The University of Hertfordshire is looking for adults between 18-55 years old who do less than 60 minutes of physical activity a week to take part in their study.

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Participants needed for research in Touch & space

24 Jul 2021

City, University of London is looking for participants to take part in an online study investigating responses to touch and personal space following COVID-19 physical distancing measures.

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