Latin American OCD Research Study

Posted on: April 19th, 2022

The Storch Lab at the Baylor College of Medicine is conducting a study looking at OCD individuals of Latin American descent aged 7-89 years old with symptoms of OCD.

Their research goals are:

  • Identify genetic factors contributing to the development of OCD
  • Diversify ancestry represented in OCD research
  • Improve OCD treatment in the future
Who can participate in this research study?
  • has at least 1 grandparent who identifies as Latino/Hispanic
  • is 7 – 89 years old
  • has experienced symptoms of OCD now or in the past. No official OCD diagnosis is required
What happens when you enrol in the study?
  • Informed consent: a team member will tell you about the study and answer any questions you have then you will be invited to sign a consent form if you wish to participate
  • OCD Assessment: they will ask you some questions about your OCD symptoms and other questions related to mental health
  • Spit DNA Collection: you will either provide a spit sample in person or sent it to them via mail in a kit provided
Contact if you are interested!