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Below is a list of webinars we have hosted in partnership with Made of Millions. A special thank you to Orchard OCD Trustee & Journalist Sean Fletcher for hosting these informative webinars.

OCD & Hoarding: A Conversation With Dr. Sharon Morein and Sean Fletcher

Deep Brain Stimulation for OCD: A Conversation With Dr Himanshu Tyagi and Sean Fletcher

Treating OCD during the COVID Pandemic with Professor Naomi Fineberg

The Brain on OCD with Professor Trevor Robbins

Current and Future OCD Treatments with OCD Expert Professor Naomi Fineberg

Can Psilocybin Help Treat OCD? A Conversation with Prof. David Nutt

OCD, Bulimia & More with Daily Telegraph Author Byrony Gordon

OCD & Future-Forward Treatment with Sunday Times Bestseller David Adam

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