Fundraising & Events


While individual donations are extremely beneficial to supporting the work we do, there are more fun ways to fundraise for Orchard OCD.


  • Baking: Want to put your baking skills to the test? Bake anything (but make sure you label ingredients to help people with allergies!) and sell your baked goods at school, workplace, outside your house or community centre.
  • Sponsored event: If you’re a sports enthusiast investigate any local runs (5ks, 10ks, half marathons or even a marathon) or other exercise events. Set up a JustGiving page and ask friends and family to donate in support of your event. Make sure to keep your supporters updated on your journey (training, 1 day before, on the day and day after).
  • Dinner: Invite friends, family or colleagues over for a dinner and ask them all to donate to Orchard. This means a catch up with friends and an easy way to fundraise.
  • Car wash: Offer your cleaning skills by doing a fundraising car wash event.
  • Coffee morning: Get friends and family involved by hosting a coffee morning.
  • Dog walking: Get your steps in and walk cute pooches by dog walking for charity. This means asking for a donation for each dog walk.
  • Online selling: Use sites like VintedDepopeBay to sell anything online and give all (or some) of the profits to Orchard OCD.
  • Hair shave: Treat this like a sponsored event. Set up a JustGiving page for friends and family to donate and pick a day where you will shave your hair or dye your hair a funky colour.
  • Work out session: Host a workout session either virtually or in-person and ask for donations for anyone attending.
  • Quiz night: Create a fun quiz for friends and family and ask for donations to anyone wanting to participate. Make sure to think of fun prizes!
  • Raffle: If you have access to gifts to give away then host a raffle and charge for raffle tickets.
  • Skydive: Again, this is a sponsored event where you set up a JustGiving page and look for local places where you can do a charity skydive.


Don’t forget to ask your workplace if they can match fund any donations you raise.


If we have any upcoming events, we will post them here. Keep an eye out!


Whether you’re into sports, music, baking, comedy, or just socialising with your friends, we have lots of fun-filled fundraising events which you and your friends can take part in to raise money for Orchard OCD. We are always looking for new events and challenges to organise so if you have any ideas, please get in touch by emailing


Here at Orchard OCD, we would love to partner with companies to help us achieve our mission. OCD is the fourth most common mental disorder and the World Health Organization named OCD as one of the most disabling of all medical disorders.  It is likely your workplace has employees with OCD.


A partnership with Orchard OCD would mean being part of our vision where we see a world where all patients suffering with OCD receive effective treatment for their condition.


If you would like to set up a corporate partnership then please email