Singing in the Rain: 52 Practical Steps to Happiness

23 Apr 2019

By Rachel Kelly My new book – Singing in the Rain: 52 Practical Steps to Happiness – was prompted by my own experience of being seriously unwell with depression. I am recovered now, but it hasn’t always been like this. In my thirties, I suffered two major depressive episodes, an experience I wrote about in my first […]

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Why OCD is miserable

15 Nov 2018

David Adam, editor at the science journal Nature and one of our scientific advisors wrote about his OCD in NRP in 2012.

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Living with OCD

30 May 2017

Lily Bailey, UK model and writer shares her secret inner world in the Guardian. She answers 10 questions about the fourth most common mental illness, OCD.

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Short BBC documentary on OCD

8 May 2017

Welsh Coronation Street actor Ian Puleston-Davies talks about his OCD, which he says is much misunderstood. He speaks to fellow sufferers, including a mother and daughter who have agreed to fixed cameras being installed in their home to show the extent to which OCD can take over people’s lives.

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The D in OCD

18 Apr 2017

We are pleased to start our blog space with a guest blog from Dr. Jeff Szymanski CEO of the International OCD Foundation. This article first appeared on the IOCDF’s website. —– “You are so OCD!” is a fairly common phrase these days. When I hear someone use it — though I cringe a little inside — I rarely have […]

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