2022 Call for Proposals – Winner Announcement

13 Feb 2023

In 2022 we launched our second call for proposals seeking hard-to-fund projects that have great potential to make a major impact for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). We received many great submissions, and our independent scientific advisory board judged the projects last year. We are now excited to announce our winner: “Double-blind Randomised Placebo-controlled study of […]

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A Fathers Journey with OCD

13 Jan 2023

In this week’s blog Michael Smith shares his OCD story. My name is Michael Smith. I’m a twenty-nine-year-old film camera dealer and musician from Portsmouth. I’ve suffered on and off with anxiety since the age of sixteen. During that time I’ve jumped onto medication during difficult periods and come off again when the anxiety subsided. […]

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Understanding the Consequences of Support vs Reassurance in OCD

7 Dec 2022

THIS STUDY IS NOW CLOSED AND IS NO LONGER RECRUITING. Do You Have Problems with Seeking Reassurance from Others? & Do You Have Obsessional and Compulsive Problems? The University of Oxford are interested to learn more about the effects and perceived acceptability of seeking and receiving reassurance for your obsessional and compulsive problems. They are also […]

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Announcement of Orchard 2022 Christmas Appeal – Let’s break the stigma around OCD

18 Nov 2022

We have an exciting announcement.  This year we will be doing our first-ever Christmas Appeal! Let’s break the stigma around OCD and show OCD is not a joke. OCD advocate, Shaun has a few words to say to introduce our Christmas appeal: Here at Orchard, we want to film a video series to spread awareness […]

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A study researching “The barriers to treatment for individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)”

4 Nov 2022

Robyn from The University of Sunderland. She has chosen to research the barriers to treatment for individuals with OCD. To be able to do this and gather relevant data, the aimed participants are those participants who have an OCD diagnosis, or who believe they suffer from OCD. Click here and participate in the questionnaire What are […]

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Invitation to participate: Understanding parental experiences of early obsessive-compulsive signs emerging at 4-10 years

21 Oct 2022

You are being invited to take part in a research study which involves parents being interviewed to understand their experiences of parenting a child who has (or had, if since diagnosed) what may be considered as early obsessive-compulsive styles of thinking and behaviour. Before you decide whether to take part, it is important for you […]

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The PSILOCD Study – Recruitment Open! [NOW CLOSED]

6 Oct 2022

The PSILOCD Study recruitment is now open! (Evaluating the effects of the 5-HT 2A agonist psilocybin on the neurocognitive and clinical correlates of compulsivity: a pharmacological-challenge feasibility study.) Who is involved in the PSILOCD Study? The PSILOCD study is a clinical research study taking place at the CNWL-Imperial Psychopharmacology and Psychedelic Research Clinic (CIPPRes clinic) at St […]

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An interview with Orchard founder Nick Sireau

5 Oct 2022

An interview with Orchard founder Nick Sireau about his experience with OCD, why he set up Orchard, and how he works to develop a treatment for his sons’ rare genetic disease. Nick Sireau is the CEO and Chair of Trustees of the AKU Society, an award-winning patient group that helps people with Alkaptonuria (AKU), sometimes referred to […]

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BAP: OCD Public Lecture with Nick Sireau and Naomi A Fineberg

3 Oct 2022

During a free event of The British Association for Psychopharmacology, Summer Meeting 2022 at the Imperial College London, Nick Sireau, Founder and Director of Orchard and Prof Naomi Fineberg spoke about OCD and its impact. Nick presents a personal account of living with OCD and how he has channeled these experiences into accelerating bench-bedside research, in order […]

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Q&A; A Lily Bailey Book

15 Sep 2022

In this week’s blog, Orchard interviewed Lily Bailey, author of When I see Blue, an authentic and affecting story about living life with OCD. Lily Bailey is a mental health advocate who hosts #OCDTalkHour every Wednesday on her Twitter page @LilyBaileyUK.  Hi Lily, tell us a bit about yourself. Hello! I’m an author based in […]

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Shaun’s OCD Story

14 Sep 2022

This week’s blog is written by Shaun, who is a model, podcaster and influencer. Shaun has OCD and wants to share his experiences living with this disorder.  — First, I write this article as one of the lucky ones with OCD. I am on the path to recovery, after being diagnosed with ‘Pure O’ OCD […]

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