Announcement of Orchard 2022 Christmas Appeal – Let’s break the stigma around OCD

Posted on: November 18th, 2022

We have an exciting announcement.  This year we will be doing our first-ever Christmas Appeal!

Let’s break the stigma around OCD and show OCD is not a joke.

OCD advocate, Shaun has a few words to say to introduce our Christmas appeal:

Here at Orchard, we want to film a video series to spread awareness for this widely trivialised and misunderstood mental health disorder.

OCD affects 2-3% of the world population yet it is still commonly misunderstood and stigmatised. Our video series will focus on intrusive thoughts, rarer forms of OCD, and future treatments.

We will use the company DragonLight Films to direct and shoot the videos. Our supporters will remember this company as they filmed our 2020 crowdfunding video.

We will be creating 3 short videos highlighting just how devastating and debilitating OCD can be. Orchard trustee & TV journalist, Sean Fletcher will be hosting these videos, with researchers like Professor Naomi Fineberg and Professor Trevor Robbins being interviewed on new and better treatments into OCD.

We will also use OCD volunteers to share their personal OCD journeys and show what living with OCD is actually like.

We have already raised £10,000 from the National Lottery Awards for All Scheme but we need donations from our 2022 Christmas appeal to finish funding this video project. Any donations from our Christmas appeal will scale up our video project helping to pay for shooting and editing. We aim to film the videos in early 2023.

Please use the button below to donate to our first Christmas appeal – thank you!

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