An interview with Orchard founder Nick Sireau

Posted on: October 5th, 2022

An interview with Orchard founder Nick Sireau about his experience with OCD, why he set up Orchard, and how he works to develop a treatment for his sons’ rare genetic disease.

Nick Sireau is the CEO and Chair of Trustees of the AKU Society, an award-winning patient group that helps people with Alkaptonuria (AKU), sometimes referred to as black bone disease, a rare disorder affecting both of his children. In AKU patients, a build-up of acid in the body leads to a painful breakdown of bones and joints, and serious heart complications. Nick’s tireless efforts have led to some extraordinary results, including making the very first treatment for AKU available.  Nick is also the Founder and Chair of Orchard, a medical charity that works to develop new and better treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a misunderstood mental illness that Nick has battled for many years. Join host Shiv Gaglani for a fascinating look at the impact one parent has had on the welfare of so many, and for advice for those weighing career options in the healthcare field.  “There are hundreds, if not thousands of these ultra-rare diseases that just nobody is touching.”

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