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Juliet volunteers for Orchard OCD in her spare time and manages their social media. She suffered from Pure O when she was younger but has now recovered. She is passionate about ensuring all OCD patients can be treated in the future.


Sheena is a music specialist, working with children who have learning and communication difficulties. She is also a mother of two daughters and a son. One of her daughters has had OCD for 20 years. Having witnessed how destructive and debilitating OCD can be, Sheena is keen to support research into new and effective treatments, and to help promote a greater understanding of OCD.

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Jordan first started experiencing the symptoms of OCD at 19 and had a long and difficult road to recovery.  He hopes to help make this road an easier and shorter one for those with OCD by volunteering with Orchard OCD, thereby supporting research into new and better treatments.

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Sarah is a recent graduate in cognitive neuroscience, interested in learning about the experiences and perspectives of OCD patients and novel treatment pathways for OCD, specifically the potential of psychedelic therapy, which requires a lot of awareness raising.

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Lynn, Charlotte & Samantha Crilly

Lynn is a mother of twin daughters, Charlotte and Samantha (aged 29), mental health counsellor and author of Hope with Eating Disorders 2nd edition, Hope with OCD, Hope with Depression, Hope with Anxiety (to be published 19th November 2020) and Fundamentals: A Guide for Parents, Teachers and Carers on Mental Health and Self-Esteem.

Samantha is a published poet (Hope through Poetry, to be published 8th October 2020) and a drama graduate, having suffered from mental illness herself, she is now an advocate for mental health and recovery.

Charlotte is Samantha’s twin, and PA for Lynn Crilly, she is passionate about raising awareness about mental illness and talking openly about the struggle of being a sibling of someone suffering.

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